Our Academics

Preschool - Toddlers

The Preschool Program is for children 2 to 2 ½ years of age and is designed to give them an opportunity to be with other children of the same age in a loving, supportive play situation in which they can solve simple problems with the "trial and error" method.

We have a qualified teacher and an assistant teacher along with a class helper. At this level the emphasis is on developing a warm and nurturing environment to ease the transition from home to school. The activities are planned to promote growth in cognitive, literary, logical and social skills and help the toddler grow into an independent and confident individual and prepare for needs beyond pre-school. We succeed by using age-appropriate materials and help the child acquire knowledge and understanding of practical concepts through innovative learning and play.

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Nursery - Curious Explorers

The Nursery Program is for children 2 ½ to 3 ½ years of age. The three years old learn primarily through exploring using all the senses. Our program helps to bridge the transition between the established elementary knowledge attained during the Infant and Toddler programs and advanced learning abilities.

Our curriculum ensures the strongest foundation for future learning within a safe environment where every child can feel valued, confident and independent. Our Nursery program's focus is on building on the language ability, logical reasoning, numeric ability and scientific thought. Children are divided into small groups based on learning abilities and the focus is on promoting focused and accelerated learning. Children have the freedom to choose from various curricular areas like communication area to math corner, dramatic play, block areas, art activities and motor activities.

Sanskkar Juniors (LKG)

The Junior KG Program is for children from 3 ½ to 4 ½ years of age. At Sanskkar the KG 1 program emphasizes on all round development of the child. Here the curriculum revolves around all the developmental milestones which helps in complete grooming of the child.

A range of equipment and opportunities allow the children to gain confidence and the enjoyment in the development of their own bodily skills, also increasing their ability and control when moving and balancing. Children are supported in the development of the fine motor skills required to use tools, including pencils and scissors and to handle small objects with control and precision. Creative activities help in improvising their hand and eye coordination and concentration. Children join in and respond to role play, music and stories.

Sanskkar Seniors (UKG)

The Senior KG Program is for children from 4 ½ to 5 ½ years of age. The Five year old's are creative and enthusiastic problem solvers. Our Kindergarten program is designed to give children a strong foundation in the skills and academic excellence that will be needed to enter regular school.

We use the highest quality curriculum material and educational technologies in all group and child led activities. The curriculum is structured, yet flexible. The small class sizes and multiple intelligences approach gives children the attention they need for growth at their own pace, gaining confidence in themselves as learners and individuals.


As the need for child care programs and after school hour day care is increasing, our Day care center is a perfect solution for working parents who are looking for safe, secured and home like comfort for their little ones. Daycare facility we provide has excellent supervision of your child creating a home away from home.

Our day care staff is specially trained to help the little ones in their day to day requirements with lots of love, compassion and care for your kids. Our day care program has developmental and age appropriate activities that invite exploration and nurture child's innate abilities. Our program includes Art and craft activities, AV time, Nap time, dance, music and movement, tummy time etc A well experienced and qualified staff is provided to take care of school related activities of all kids.

NTT Training

Get trained with preschool teaching skills. The unique combination of practical and theoretical approach helps the participants to be successful teachers. We have a track record of training teachers for more than 6 yrs now.

NTT students are trained in areas like child education, teaching methodology, nursery level subjects & communication. Graduates of the 10th grade in high school become proficient nursery educators with this program. Children who have recently entered the formal education system are the focus of nursery teachers. They are crucial in shaping children's morals, habits, and character. Proficiency in communication is crucial for career success in this field. After completing the degree, one can pursue a profession in nursery education at many different levels.

Kids Activites

"Sanskkar is more than a Pre School. We provide a welcoming, safe, secure and caring environment where your child can develop, explore, learn and enjoy.
  • Written and oral ( basics of English, Hindi and Mathematics).
  • Sports activities, jumping, running, hopping, squatting etc...
  • Drawing, writing, painting, craft work, charts, models, clay modeling.
  • Singing, Dancing, Dramatics, Rhymes, Songs and Stories.
  • RecallingStory, sequencing of events and stories.
  • Solving puzzles, Memory games, Yoga & Meditation.
  • Children's Birthday Celebrations.
  • Field Trips to Important Places ( community helpers).

We have 10+ years of experience