A happy-go-lucky child is the one who has a wonderful childhood. A happy mind and a healthy body play a vital role in turning the child into a mature, wise and peaceful being. The foundation years are most crucial in a child’s life.

Our vision at Sanskkar Preschool School is to create a happy, stimulating, fun and peaceful place for the children to imbibe the good things in life. We are committed to holistic education to strengthen the mind and body of children and to make them powerful leaders of the future.

“They will bring about positive changes in the society and make it a beautiful ecosystem all together.”



“The flowers blossom if right amount of sunlight, water, air and manure is given at the right time”.

We at Sanskkar Preschool are committed to inculcate great amount of positive thinking, good moral values, Knowledge and life skills in the children.

Success will just Follow……….