“I visited a lot of preschools for my son. But when I visited Sanskkar, Iam convinced that this would be the best school in Bangalore. Geeta and Sandhya make a great team. Their curriculum is interesting and creative, and they are sensitive to children's needs.”

Rekha, K R Puram

I am proud to be your student. We really enjoyed your guidance in our college days. It is difficult to name all the reasons why ! The most important reason is you are great teachers. You are so loving and even made the toughest subjects easy for us through activities and games. Their expertise would be really evident in the management of the school and in classrooms.


I am sure that the kids in Sanskkar would learn the values of life better from you than from anywhere else. We love you. “All the best to both of you."

Priyanka, Indira Nagar

“Sanskkar begins at home and we have always considered “Sanskkar” as our extended home. The success of a preschool can be measured by two things – One, whether the kid would like to go to school every day and two, whether the kid tells his / her parents that the teacher loves him / her or not. In both the matters, Sanskkar scores a lot. We wish all the best to the Sanskkar team.”


“I started my teaching career with Sanskkar preschool. I successfully completed my one year journey with Sanskkar team.Thanks to the directors (Sandhya Mam and Geeta Mam) to give me an opportunity to work with the Organisation and playing a big role in my career development. Thank you very much Sanskkar team.The curriculum and activities are very good and the teachers in Sanskkar are doing great job as the name suggests by giving a holistic system of education.Sanskkar always puts emphasis on extracurricular activities like competitions, colour days, workshops, etc.Sanskkar has an excellent daycare facility. The support staff in Sanskkar are very caring towards children and ensures child safety.To brief Sanskkar Preschool is the best place for the development of a child and aims to do more for children’s bright future. Sanskkar team helped me to overcome my stage fear and gave confidence that I can also be a good teacher.Because of this positive change in me I got a new opportunity to work in Gopalan National School where I am presently working.Thank you for teaching me and making me capable in this educational field where I was totally new.”

Deepthi Jairam

“Sanskkar was really godsend for me. It really helped in the development and growth of my daughter, because here they nurture with love and immense patience. It paved the way for my child to take a step further into the future with confidence n faith. Today, touchwood she is doing very well. Thanks to a great foundation laid by Sanskkar.”