Prof. Geeta Raturi
BSc, PGDBM, MA (Economics), MBA, (PhD)
  Adv. Sandhya. K. Menon
BA, LLB (LLM), MBA (HR & Corporate Law)


Prof. Geeta Raturi is a thorough professional, go getter attitude and very positive personality. Punctuality and patriotism runs in her blood. All credit goes to her defense background.

She strongly believes "Change thy self to change the world".

Let's stop blaming the local authorities, bureaucrats and our government for the state of affairs around us. We can make this world a beautiful place to live in if and only if we change ourselves.

She has enjoyed teaching MBA students for more than a decade but finally realized that to bring constructive changes in the society and inculcate good manners and values in children; we need to catch them young. Sanskkar Preschool is a small endeavor towards it.

Adv. Sandhya. K. Menon is a charming, vibrant, cheerful person who enjoys interaction with innocent young children. She is able to win their hearts quickly and lead them by example through motivating fun activities. She is confident that she can train the impressionable young minds to make them successful and the pride of society.

Adv. Sandhya. worked with the corporate for three years. Subsequently she joined an event management firm and worked with them for two years. Being a good orator and having a pleasing personality her work as an Associate Professor in a Management and Law College for the next three years made her very popular among the students.

Her mother Dr. Valsala Menon, who is exclusively into the academic field motivated her to enter into academics.  With the encouragement and support of her husband, Mr. Ragavendran. R who is a successful business man in South India, the dream of starting a pre-school materialized.

Together the duo aspire to create a unique place for kids with the right proportion of love, warmth, culture, values coupled with fun, games and enjoyment of child hood.