Info For Parents


Safety & Security

Utmost care is taken for the safety and security of the children.
Parents will be given the bearer card for their ward. Parents are requested to bring the bearer card when picking up their ward. The children will not be handed over to the parents / guardians unless they carry the bearer’s card.
Students will be handed over to only those whose names are in the list recorded during the time of admission.
The Doors and Gates of the School premises is highly secure keeping in mind the safety of the small children.
CCTV cameras will be installed for keeping track of the visitors and greater safety of the children.

Unique Student ID :

Every student will be allocated a unique identification number. The ID card containing the student’s enrolment number, passport size photograph need to be worn by the students every day to the school. The enrolment number is to be used in all the communications, references, fee pay in slips and other matters related to the ward and school.