Activities for Childs Physical Development

a. Physical Education
b. Sports activities, jumping, running, hopping, squatting etc
c. Drawing, writing, painting, craft work, charts, models, clay modeling.
d. Music – Singing
e. Dancing and Dramatics

Activities for Intellectual Development

a. Written and oral ( basics of English, Hindi and Mathematics)
b. Rhymes, Songs and Stories.
c. Activities with the 5 senses.
d. Memory games
e. RecallingStory, sequencing of events and stories.
f. Making a conversation
g. Telling the zest
h. Solving puzzles

Activities for developing Social Skills

a. Informal conversation
b. Rhymes and Patriotic songs
c. Moral Education through short stories
d. Dramatics
e. Ice breaking session
f. Birthday celebrations of famous personality
g. Children’s birthday celebrations
h. Celebrating religious festivals
i. Group task
j. Videos (what, why, where, how, when, who) Around us.
k. Field trips to important places ( community helpers)

Activities for Developing Spiritual Skills

a. Yoga
b. Meditation, Sitting in Silence